2014 Boise Garden Tour – The Finale – See It Here!

The June Boise Garden Tour is always a delight!  And I’m not the only one that thinks so because it has been going for 28 years! This is a wonderful way to get out and see what is growing locally under the hand of home gardeners and professional designers.

This is my final post detailing this year’s tour and with this I provide a look at the last two fine gardens.  (They were fifth and sixth on my route.)  If you would like to see the other gardens of the tour click:  Garden 1, Garden 2, Gardens 3 and 4.

Garden #5

Fun and Floriferous! There is loads of flower power at this garden (you see it as soon as the home comes into view) and I love it!  This garden keeper is a kindred spirit when it comes to the notion “there need be no bare spots – no “dirt” showing!”

This cottage-style garden is packed in both the front and back with bright, colorful plantings that “pop” even under a brilliantly shining sun.  The plants look extremely healthy and happy and you can tell this garden has been a vibrant place for years.

Nancy Day is the home owner/garden keeper here and she also owns a garden business called Cottage Gardeners Inc.  As you can see she really walks the walk of cottage-style gardening! It is so very cool to see that she not only creates gardens for others, but holds such a passion for plants, she has created an amazing garden of her own to enjoy!

I really loved looking at the plants in this garden.  In talking with Nancy, she shared one of her secrets –  compost, compost, compost!  O.K. maybe not so much of a secret to us gardeners, but a great reminder that you can never really add too much compost to soil that is low in organic matter. 🙂

There are SO many great things to see in Nancy’s garden, please take a tour at your leisure and then let me know what stands out to you.

The Front Garden:


The Back Garden:

 Last but certainly not least!  Garden #6 

One of the things that is so much fun about the Boise Garden tour is seeing first-hand the great diversity of garden styles. It is lovely to see how people enjoy a garden in so many different ways although they can be located in close physical proximity.  Gardens #3-6 were all within walking distance to each other.

This last garden on my route was in my opinion by far the most modern and on-point with current trends.  You could see a garden of this style at one of the infamous garden shows this year.  (Northwest Flower & Garden Show, San Francisco Flower & Garden Show)

The infrastructure really stands out, especially the use of stone.  A definite urban vibe is picked up, but overall, I feel a thoughtful, peaceful, restorative ambiance.  Take a tour of this urban oasis and see if you are drawn in the way I was.

The front garden is lush with trees and shade plantings somewhat concealing a stylistic modern residence.

BGTH6colI absolutely love the rain chain design and since I’m adding two new rain chains to my own back garden, I may just have to implement this idea.

Here is a shot showing the mixed use of stone in the front area.  This continues in the back garden. Love that curved stone wall!


Walking into the back garden  you see an inviting patio area, a quiet water feature and a simple fire pit for two.  I found the design easy on the eyes and I love the combination of urban and natural worlds with the use of rock, cement, iron and wood.





In keeping with current trends, this outdoor space is not only a place to relax, it is productive and bountiful.  Look at this awesome raised veggie plot!  These gardeners know how to get an early start on the edible season.  I’m sure this soil begins to warm quickly in the spring.


Not only do they grow veggies, the garden keepers grow a couple of types of berries too. Look at this cool trellis/fence design.


Here is a shot of the homeowner/garden keeper/landscape architect that came up with the vision for this wonderful space.  His business is Ivy Design and I’m thinking if you live locally and are looking for a professional that is well-versed in current garden design this is a connection for you. 🙂


And now take a look at some of the artful plant highlights of this garden. They definitely soften the space adding to the relaxing feel.


I’ll end with a favorite shot of the curved rock walls that were such a stand out feature of the front and back gardens.  Love them, want them!


Thank you to all my readers who have taken a look at the private gardens of Boise, Idaho.  I hope you have come away with some great ideas to add to your garden spaces and a feel for our great garden community.

Thank you to Idaho Botanical Garden for making the garden tour happen and for hosting many  fun and educational events throughout the year!



12 thoughts on “2014 Boise Garden Tour – The Finale – See It Here!

  1. Thanks for the tour of these lovely gardens Andrea! i’ve enjoyed being inspired! Garden number 5 is amazing… so much colour! But I agree. with you – that curved wall in garden 6 is very desirable!

  2. Amazing tours!! thank you for sharing, it was like I was walking along with you! I love visiting gardens too, always get some good ideas and find new plant I want to grow. The trellis is really nice 🙂

  3. Great tour! The cottage garden makes me swoon, but I can appreciate the new vibe going on in the last garden too. I am looking for a rain chain for our new house – I think the previous owner took theirs with them!

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