2014 Boise Garden Tour – See It Here (Garden #2)

As mentioned in my last post, the Boise Garden Tour was held just a few days ago.  Six lovely gardens were open to the public for a one day tour.   Here is a look at the second garden I visited.  (This is #2 in terms of the route I took to visit the six gardens.)

Garden #2

To be honest, I can’t remember the front of the residence.  I’m sure it was lovely but when I stepped through the opening leading to the back garden I was amazed and intrigued.  So much color, so much depth, so much fun!

This garden definitely deserves its own post because there are so many layers of creativity and passion to observe.  It is a one of a kind and the workmanship placing the infrastructure, plants, signage and objects is impeccable!  All the credit goes to the garden keepers (homeowners) as they created every inch of this appealing retreat.

Here is my first view of the garden. Wow!


There is much to discover, let me take you a bit closer…


This cool little spot is one of the primary attractions.  It is located in the center of the back wall of the main garden area.  As you can see, it is an enjoyable spot, perfect for a little shade and contemplating the detailed fabric of this garden.  Here is what you see as you look back towards the home.


Another lively seating area close to the house and lots of happy yellows to guide the eye.  Here are some close-ups of this seating area.


Maybe have a cold beer after a long, hot day in the garden right?  Pull up a stool, but be careful where you sit.  Cacti rule this spot!


A great sign/design nearby…

Here is another view from the cool little spot. (Drug Store)


Getting closer there are lots of plants, textures and paths to observe, all meticulously cared for.


Now if looking slightly right of the cool little spot (Drug Store), here is some more plant fun and another great resting spot.



Oh man, so many places to sit and ponder.  How do the garden keepers keep this place so spot on!

One more area I must show…walking through an opening I found this most beautiful vegetable garden designed and cared for with the same level of passion as the main garden.  It is an L-shape formation bordered with large river rock for great definition.  Garden envy happened here!



This garden was really a treat to see.  The longer I stayed, the more I saw and the more comfortable I became in the environment.  The creators have taken this space (which I was told was overgrown brush and dying trees just a few years ago) and created a garden that embodies talent, creativity and passion!  Ooh la, la!

A few more of my favorite visuals:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned for Gardens #3 and #4 coming soon…



13 thoughts on “2014 Boise Garden Tour – See It Here (Garden #2)

  1. well I look forward to the other upcoming gardens. and this one – I agree – ohla la 🙂
    and your photos are flawless! I like the idea of the flowers bordering with the rocks –
    also, really loved this:

    “The longer I stayed, the more I saw and the more comfortable I became in the environment.”
    my kinda garden!!!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! My photos are o.k. but the bright daylight is hard to get great photographs when you are at my level of photographer. Yes, I LOVED the veggie garden and it is true, the more I took in, the more comfortable I became. I think that is because there is so much to see here it is a bit overwhelming at first.

      1. oh I can imagine – it is kind of like going to art museums – for me at least – but there is so much to soak in and it takes a while to pause and digest – ha! have a great night Andrea –

  2. Pingback: 2014 Boise Garden Tour – See It Here! (Gardens 3 & 4) | igardendaily

    1. Funny, when I first saw a preview picture…I also thought it was a store but once I arrived the balance of plants, comfort and objects definitely made it feel like a garden, not a store. 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Yes, really great signs and other things they built into the infrastructure. Impressive that they created every detail over the last few years.

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