Interrupting Winter…With A Little Love for Spring…NWFG Show

A short interruption to Winter today…although hoping to not offend Old Man W- because he’s really just arrived in my area and the more precipitation dispersed in the next few weeks, in any form, the better!  Desert dwellers cannot be choosy about moisture…so just a brief interruption Sir Winter!

Seattle’s infamous Northwest Flower and Garden Show was last week and I attended for a couple of days of great seminars and to see the superb display gardens. Shopping around for new “garden finds” in the marketplace is another source of fun and I had a good share of it!

Now for a few eye-catchers and observations…

Tillandsia were very popular this year and used in many displays.  Tillandsia are epiphytes meaning they don’t grow in soil but get their required nutrients from the air.  Hence, their common name is “air plant.”   Some fun displays.


DSC_0071Lots of rustic iron at the show this year.  Or course, iron is very popular in gardens but I noticed some beautiful rustic screens and cages that could be used in many ways – entrances, privacy barriers, vertical elements…




I love iron in its natural form…it ages beautifully and the upkeep is almost nil.


Note the branches attached to the iron cage, getting even more vertical height. Lots of possibilities.
Like how this grouping is used as a backdrop for a seating area and lots fun accents can be hung from the iron. Love the purple heucheras with that chair!
Black mondo grass used as a hanging form. Lovely!

Another element used more than I’ve ever seen before – glass. Many show gardens incorporated glass sculptures and objects into their scenes  – intriguing and so beautiful.

Image 1

Image 2

The theme for the show this year was “Art in Bloom” and the show gardens were exceptional.  However, this was supposed to be short so check pack in a couple of days to see some of the fantasy gardens.  Have a happy weekend!


7 thoughts on “Interrupting Winter…With A Little Love for Spring…NWFG Show

  1. Andrea – I really enjoyed the photos from the “Art in Bloom” themed show.
    The iron was really interesting and all the glass as well. The glass decorations were so elegant. The only glass I have ever had in my garden has been those “Aqua Globes” which are those blown glass globes (come in 2 packs) and they water plants for up to 2 weeks.

    anyhow, looking forward to seeing the fantasy gardens. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Philadelphia just had their show and the theme was almost the same. I like when flowers combine with art, it seems such a natural pairing. Our garden show is coming up next week, but it never is as nice as the one in Philadelphia or Toronto.

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