Garden Favorite: Spring Greens

Spring greens are the favorite in the garden at the moment. They have grown into a rich bounty of reds and greens offering up a delicious fresh, light flavor.

sg02Our current “greens” menu consists of butter lettuce, red romaine lettuce, gourmet salad mix from Johnny’s Select Seeds, arugula, kale, and broccoli rabe.  French Breakfast radishes are joining the greens with a sweet crunch!

sg08sg11So many salads – some new, some old, but all very tasty!


SG1I’m also trying my hand at preparing the broccoli rabe as it’s own side. I grew a dense container of this cool season edible and although it was beautiful, it probably should have been thinned a bit to produce bigger florets. However, since the leaves are edible, I decided to go for density.

sg06sg07Mixed results in preparing it as a side means I have yet to perfect the cooking method and time. So far, I’ve blanched it for 1-2 minutes, dunked it an ice bath to stop the cooking and then warmed it again in a skillet with some toasty butter and garlic. The result is good flavor but an overcooked texture. I wonder if wilting over steam and then tossing with some warmed butter or olive oil and garlic would provide an enhanced experience? I hope to get another cutting to try again!

How about you? Are you enjoying greens from the garden? What is your favorite harvest so far? Are you an expert chef on brocolli rabe? If so, feel free to share a tip! 🙂