With Bounty We Camp

The garden is brimming as cool season crops stage their finale! I’m harvesting all of the cool season edibles and then pulling them to make room for the warm season crops to take over. The timing is perfect because we are preparing for our annual “big” camp trip to Glacier National Park in Montana and I have devised a plan to use all of this fresh food.

My plan isnt’t anything new to my family as we have taken the cool season harvest with us on the camp trip for three years in a row now. I find it slightly amusing when you consider our camp meals vs. what you might think of as a typical camp dinner.

Are you thinking about hotdogs and baked beans? Well, how about Caesar salad with salmon, taco salad, grilled kale salad, gardeners choice chicken salad, and bratwurst with a side of homegrown broccoli…

After washing the harvest and carefully packing it in coolers, I use it during the first 5-6 nights of our trip. I laughingly say, “eat up more lettuce it’s the stuff that puts meat on your bones,” to the chagrin of the rest of my family. My children roll their eyes but I love eating a fresh, healthy meal in a beautiful natural setting after a full day of activity. It feels great!

Oh, we’re not completely diligent with eating healthy on our camp trip. As my harvest runs out we treat ourselves to some of the typical “fun” camp food like hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, s’mores, etc… It’s a good balance and I love being able to use all of the fresh food I’ve grown.

For the broccoli I cut all the primary heads (enough for one meal) and left the plants to see how the side stems do while I’m gone. Many times I get a lot of production from side shoots.

This year I grew both green and golden snap peas side by side.

Lots of lettuce ready to go!

Grilled kale makes a wonderful salad. I’ll share the Recipe in a future post.

How about you? How is your cool season harvest going? Have you had much bounty?