As The June Garden Blooms

Hooray for another garden blogger’s bloom day hosted by Carol at May Dreams  ( A great day to view gardens around the world seeing the highlights of so many creative people sharing a passion for plants.

I’m starting out showing one of my favorite shrubs that is blooming for the first time.  Cotinus ‘Gold Spirit.’

Next, showing some chartruesey green tones with violet flowers is geranium ‘Ann Folkard.’

I love the happiness of this new clematis ‘Romantika.’

I have a lot of purple hues in my garden and this little campanula ‘Blue Chips ‘ is paired up with black mondo grass although it is a bit hard to see as it is the dark background.  I like them both in front of Himalayan birch ‘Jacquemontii’.

Clematis ‘Bonanza’ is not shy about showing off its periwinkle twinkles!

The sweet bloom of golden india pea.

Now moving away from the purple hues…into some pink.  I absolutely love this poppy ‘pink heirloom.’  It is the most yummy shade of pink…the beauty and brightness of the blooms is so attracting.  This is a new cultivar to my garden, purchased from Annies Annuals during a visit to northern CA this Spring.  I was caught off-guard when I went out to check the edible garden and walked by the mixed border and this was standing there staring at me!

I’ve never been much of a pink person…until now.  🙂

One part finished, one part in performance.

And here’s a little more pink in a most intricate manner.  This is a close up of another favorite shrub Sambucus ‘Black Lace.’  So dainty and light but otherwise strong and powerful.  The second shot shows its strength of prescence in the garden.

Uh oh! Here is something that “done bloomed” a while ago.  It should go with garden bloggers berry day!  Yum!

I’ll finish with a couple of orange hues.  Both of these plants were planted last year so this is the first time blooming in my garden.  The second photo is a foxtail lily (eremurus) starting to bloom.  I planted three of these lilies last year but only one has decided to bloom. I’ve never grown this before so it is fun to see the bloom unfold.

Happy garden bloggers bloom day to all the amazing gardeners across the country.  Happy June Bloom!


9 thoughts on “As The June Garden Blooms

  1. Karen

    That poppy is stunning! Actually, everything is – your garden looks like it’s taking full advantage of warm temps and tender care. Both your clematis look so healthy & full of blooms. That poppy though…gorgeous!

  2. aloha,

    what a fun tour of your garden, i loved that you started with cotinus gold, one of my favs in the garden…you have alot of beautiful blooms in your garden, thanks for sharing them 🙂

  3. I’m a total sucker for anything PINK so your poppy photos make me think I need to log off and type in Annie’s Annuals, stat. 🙂 I need more room in my garden because I absolutely love that golden Cotinus. I work in a university town and the colors of the university are orange and black. Recently I saw a whole row of Foxtail lilies, mostly orange blooming. Fortunately I had my camera. I’ll probably post a photo soon. I love your closeup.

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