Rolling Into Spring…

I  know these two lines are familiar, probably very familiar…

But have you ever considered them in the context of the arrival of Spring?  As I was huffing and puffing in a workout, listening to these lines, I couldn’t help but think of the beauty of Spring and how excited I am, once again for this season to start.

Images kept popping into my head – tulips, cherry blossoms, magnolias, dogwoods, hellebores, peonies, irises, alliums, windflowers, and on and on and on…

Before I knew it my heavy-breathing time was up! Thoughts of Spring really lift my spirits, so much so that even a tedious workout was debunked!  It’s time to get back into the garden and watch a fresh line of spring ‘pretties’ emerge.

Oh, there will be some anxiety for sure… over getting all of the Spring “work” going in a timely fashion.  Along with some frowning and rambling about why the weather man says be ready for some “breezy weather” when what that really means is wind from morning till night including gusts of 30-50 mph.

No, Spring will not be entirely decadent like a piece of cheesecake with a pansy on top.  But being outdoors every day, feeling the rhythm of the garden (even if it is barely there some days) will be wonderful!

Today I am joining Donna@ Gardens Eye View and her new meme Seasonal Celebrations.  I am celebrating the arrival of Spring by day-dreaming about it for now, especially since March arrived like a Lion yesterday putting down some much-needed snow!

BUT one way I will be truly celebrating Spring is planting my new semi-shade bed.  The rock was removed last year, the soil amended and three ‘Forest Pansy’ Redbud (cercis canadensis) trees planted.  Now I get to fill in the understory beneath the trees with lots of fun plants.  Yay! I’m happy to have one spade-ready project that simply requires fun shopping, beautiful plants and me spending some time together.

I like this quote from Inneractions by Stephen C. Paul and think it is quite fitting as a gardener’s motto for celebrating Spring.

How about you?  How do you celebrate the arrival of Spring?