Orchid Amore

I was lucky enough to be the receiver of some Orchid amore today!  In fact not just a single dose, but a double dose!  These two beauties opened their first blossom on the same day.

I’ve been meaning to write a post on Orchids but have not gotten around to it just yet. But as Valentine’s Day approaches it seems like Orchid-mania has kicked in once again.  Just go to any garden store, nursery or even grocery/big box stores and see the beautiful spikes l0aded with intricately designed blooms.  I like to think of them as pulling me through the last few cold weeks of winter with their amazing blooms promising that Spring will arrive soon.

For now, I’m off to see many gorgeous specimens at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle.  But look for a post next week on general Orchid care for the types most commonly available.

So if Cupid’s arrow delivers some Orchid amore to you this week, fear not and look forward to enjoying their beauty for years to come.

Do you already enjoy growing orchids?  Have you ever decided against purchasing an orchid due to the fear of not being able to get it to rebloom?  Share your Orchid tales here…