Friday Flora: Why Blue?

Are you like me and love blue flowers in the garden?  If so, why? Is it because there are not SO many and they are a bit of a novelty?  Or is it because they look so cool and refreshing next to green foliage? Or maybe we are genetically predisposed to nature’s combinations of blue and green?  Think cool green meadows against blue mountains and big skies or vividly green rain forests bordering brilliant blue oceans and skies. Even out of-this-world photos of planet earth are especially visually pleasing to me.  Whatever the reason I love blue flowers in the garden.  How about you?  Share some of your favorite blue flora.  I’m always looking for more…

Here are some of my favorite blue flowers from past, present and future…


Hardy Geranium 'Johnson's Blue'
Common Larkspur/Delphinium


From today - Hyacinths in bloom boasting a lovely fragrance too
From today - Creeping veronica speedwell just beginning to bloom


On the plant wish list - Hydrangea 'Endless Summer' Used with permission:

Will be blooming in summer - Salvia guarantica 'Black and Blue'

3 thoughts on “Friday Flora: Why Blue?

  1. Carol

    I really appreciated your photos of the “blue” gardens. I especially like the first photo on the site with the pink roses in the background. I am going to try to mimik that look this year. Thank you!

    1. Carol

      Blue is the perfect color to enhance all the beautiful colors of spring, summer, or fall gardens. Yes, it gives us a cool/refreshing feeling along with the different shades of green in the midst of a long hot summer day.
      “Yea,” for blue and green to set the theme for a beautiful floral canvas.

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